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A Blend for Every Horse

A Blend For Every Horse


Horses with Heaves:

Horses suffering from respiratory problems and allergies associated with field-dried hay benefit by feeding our forage feeds.   The high temperature drying process eliminates harmful mold spores that can lead to respiratory allergies (heaves), resulting in a chronic cough and decreased physical performance ability. Feeding your horse any one of Lucerne Farms high temperature dried forages will help prevent an allergic cough and keep his airways clear.

The Pleasure Horse:

The horse evolved as grazing animals well adapted to eating high-quality forage (grasses and hay). Many mature pleasure horses can thrive on forage-only diets. The more nutritious the forage in a horse’s diet, the less he’ll need of grain, concentrates or supplements. Our forages are harvested early and high temperature dried “locking in” the natural nutrition.   Depending on your mature pleasure horse’s nutritional requirements, Lucerne Farms Forage Feed may be all he needs.

Breeding and Young-stock:

Correct nutrition of the mare and foal is vital. The increase in the size of the foal during the later stages of pregnancy causes the mare’s digestive system to become ‘squashed’, resulting in a lack of appetite.  Replacing some of the bulky hay ration with one of Lucerne Farms alfalfa-based forages, will be of benefit to both mare and her unborn foal. After foaling, continue to feed our forage during the mare’s lactation and the foal’s formative years as the forage foundation to build a feed program.

The Performance Horse:

The training and competition schedule combined with transporting to and from events, places the performance horse under a level of stress it would not normally encounter in the wild. Stabling and the need for high-energy intake have resulted in the feeding of large amounts of concentrates. A horse must receive at least 1.5-2% of his body weight in forage a day to maintain a healthy digestive system. By feeding one of Lucerne Farms alfalfa-based forages, the performance horse will benefit from receiving some of their energy intake in the form of forage. The alfalfa-based forage contributes a “slow-release” energy during exercise and competition providing a continuous source of energy for the working muscles.

The Senior Horse:

As the horse ages, the digestive system becomes less effective.  Adequate chewing is the first step in the digestive process, becomes less effective because teeth are worn.  This can result in loss of body condition and weak bones.  Older horses need highly digestible sources of protein and calcium to make up for these losses.  Our short chopped forage fills this need by making it easier to chew and digest than common long stem hay.





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