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5 Steps to Spring Clean Your Chicken Coop

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5 Steps to Spring Clean Your Chicken Coop

Spring is here! It’s time to dig in and perform the tasks that may have been overlooked over the long winter months—heavy-duty spring cleaning! Chicken coop maintenance is essential and must be a priority for poultry owners. Join us as we tackle the nitty-gritty of this big job. With the right tools and a proper plan, your chicken coop can quickly and easily become a fresh and clean home for your flock.

Remove Manure

To begin spring cleaning your chicken coop, scoop out all of the manure and dirty bedding that has accumulated over the course of the winter. Remove all of the bedding to give you an opportunity to start fresh in the spring. This bedding and manure mixture is the ideal start for your compost pile for the year.

Sweep Walls and Ceiling

Use a broom to briskly sweep down the walls, rafters, and ceiling. This removes the poultry dust and cobwebs that have built up – both of which can be a fire hazard for your coop. Additionally, this will help to provide your chickens with cleaner air to breathe, which will improve their respiratory health. According to PennState, “Poultry dust is particulate matter consisting primarily of manure, feed, feathers, dander, litter, and a lot of biological contamination.”

Clean Nesting Boxes

Take this opportunity to completely empty the nesting boxes. Many chicken keepers find that a Shop Vac is an easy way to completely clean the boxes and create a clean slate. After cleaning your chicken coop, refill the boxes with the poultry bedding of your choice.

Wash Feeder and Waterer

Empty your feeder and waterer and then scrub them both with natural soap and warm water until they are completely clean. Make sure that you rinse them completely and allow the feeder ample time to dry before refilling it with feed.

Fresh Bedding in the Coop

Finish the spring cleaning process by refreshing your coop with a fresh layer of chicken coop bedding. The right bedding product will absorb moisture and neutralize noxious gases, such as ammonia. Additionally, your flock will love spreading the new bedding when you welcome them back into their fresh and clean coop!

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