What is Sweet PDZ™?

An All-natural, Non-toxic Mineral That Will Transform Your Coop

Sweet PDZ is a mineral known as zeolite. Zeolites are naturally occurring minerals created from volcanic activity. All-natural and non-toxic, premium zeolite used in KOOP CLEAN Chicken Bedding is essential for maintaining a happy, healthy flock.

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The Benefits of KOOP CLEAN with Sweet PDZ

  • Absorbs up to 60% of its weight in moisture
  • Eliminates harmful ammonia and odors
  • Safe and non-toxic for people, pets, and planet
  • No perfumes or masking agents
  • Acts as a digestive grit for your flock
  • Works as a slow-release fertilizer to transform used bedding into a great component for your compost and garden

First, Best, Trusted

First on the market to harness the benefits of zeolite for chicken bedding, KOOP CLEAN with Sweet PDZ is often imitated, but no other chicken bedding replicates the superior advantages of this unique, specially-formulated product. From the Lucerne Farms fields in Maine, KOOP CLEAN is organically grown and 100% natural, and we are personally responsible for every aspect of the farming and production, from seed to final product.

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