Feeding Chopped Forage

3 Different Ways to Feed

Which method is right for you?

Feeding Lucerne Farms chopped forage is a natural way to make sure your horse is getting the fiber they need. Some horses might need a complete hay replacement, due to respiratory or other medical issues. Others may need a fiber supplement due to a lack of available hay. If your feeding schedule contains grains or supplements, our forage offers the perfect feed complement to ensure proper digestion. Whatever way you feed our forage, you can be assured your horse is getting quality forage in a more natural form.

Feed Complement

Mixing Lucerne Farms forage at a 3:1 ratio with grain, and other feeds, can help increase the digestibility and performance, making sure your horse’s digestive process gets off to a running start.

Fiber Supplement

Adding 3-6 lbs of Lucerne Farms forage into your feeding program can help ensure your horse is getting the proper amount of fiber in a form that is more beneficial to their physical and mental health.

Hay Replacement

When traditional hay is not an option, Lucerne Farms forage offers a natural alternative. Feeding Lucerne Farms at 2-2.5% of your horse’s body weight can ensure they are meeting their daily forage requirements.

Do You Weigh Your Hay?

Always calculate your horse’s feed by weight, not volume.


Lucerne Farms’ forage can be fed in a bucket, in a corner feeder mixed with the daily grain ration, or even outside in a feed tub.

When feeding Lucerne Farms’ forage feeds, you determine the proper amount according to the horse’s age, weight, temperament, and workload.

Always make changes to your horse’s diet gradually over a period of 7 to 10 days. Consult a veterinarian or equine nutritionist concerning your horse’s specific needs.

Which blend is right for you?

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