Feeding Chopped Forage

Feeding Instructions

Lucerne Farms Forage can be fed in a bucket, in a corner feeder mixed with the daily grain ration, or even outside in a feed tub. Calculate your feed by weight not volume. As a guide, a 5-gallon water bucket packed full of our forage weighs approximately 5 pounds.

Always make changes to your horse’s diet gradually over a period of 7 to 10 days. Consult a veterinarian or equine nutritionist concerning your horse’s specific needs.

Feeding Methods

Feeding Lucerne Farms chopped forage is a natural way to make sure your horse is getting the fiber they need. While some horses might need a complete hay replacement due to respiratory or other medical issues, others may only need a fiber supplement or may want a more natural “treat”. Whatever way you feed our forage, you can rest assured your horse is getting quality forage in a more natural form.

When feeding Lucerne Farms Forage Feeds, you determine the proper amount according to the horse’s age, weight, temperament, and workload.

As a Grain Complement – Feed at a 3:1 ratio with grains.

As a Fiber Supplement – Feed 4 to 6 lbs. per day.

As Hay Replacement– Feed 1% – 2% of the horse’s bodyweight per day when feeding as a sole forage ration.