Premium Hay

Molasses and Soy Free Horse Feed

This short-chopped, molasses and soy free horse feed blend of timothy and other hays is perfect for those needing a chopped, bagged forage without oils or molasses. Low-sugar/Low-Starch and left “naked”, this blend is perfect for horses needing a grain complement, fiber supplement, or hay replacement and is the closest thing to a traditional bale of hay, just chopped! It is compressed into a bale for easy storage and handling and processed naturally for consistent quality in every bag. This product is not considered dust free. If you’re not sure our Premium Hay blend is right for your horse, contact us today! We’re happy to help you find the right horse feed for your needs.


Dehydrated Chopped Timothy and other hays.

Guaranteed Analysis:

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An Excellent Choice For:

Easy Keepers

Low Sugar/Low Starch/Low NSC


Insulin Resistance


Pleasure Horses

Dental Problems


2.4 Cubic Feet

A Blend For Every Horse

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Feeding our Forage Blends

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