Premium Ground Cover Benefits

Naturally Superior Grass Seeding & Gardening Mulch

Lucerne Farms Premium Ground Cover/Mainley Mulch is a high quality, heat-treated blend of chopped, compressed and bagged straw, timothy hay, and alfalfa. It provides a superior mulch for all seasons, whether you are using it for grass seed, vegetables, weed control, erosion or frost protection.

This special blend conserves moisture and reduces water usage, allows moisture and air to flow through without depositing weed seeds, and is specially formulated to decompose and an ideal rate and improve soil quality.

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Easy Application

Because of the 1 – 2-inch length of its pieces, our Premium Ground Cover spreads easily for quick application, and it’s lightweight, so it’s easy to move and apply. The small segments allow it to interlock, naturally tackifying, which holds it in place, so it stays where you intended. And, because it keeps dirt off fruits and vegetables, it yields cleaner produce.

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Transport, Use & Storage

Because of the UV-treated recyclable bags, our Premium Ground Cover makes for clean transportation and easy storage.

100% Natural

At Lucerne Farms, we believe you get from the earth what you put in. Our fields are treated with organically certified poultry litter and wood ash and our plants are never sprayed with harsh chemicals, allowing them to be 100% natural and chemical free from the moment our seeds are sown to the day our bags are sealed.


Treated in a high-temperature dryer, our product is naturally sterilized without the use of chemicals and harsh sprays. The dehydration process allows us to control the moisture content, improving quality and decreasing weight, giving consumers more bang for the bulk.