Producers of Quality Horse Forage Feed,
Natural Chicken Coop Bedding, &
Premium Mulch Products

Lucerne Farms are proud producers of superior, all-natural products grown on our family-owned and run farm in Northern Maine. We produce the finest natural horse foragefeed made of various blends of chopped hay for horses. We also make superior, eco-friendly chicken coop bedding and specially-blended premium mulch and ground cover. Each product line is specifically designed to help your land and your animals thrive and maintain their health.

At Lucerne Farms, we believe you get from the earth what you put in. From seed to final product, our customers trust that every bag that carries the Lucerne Farms name contributes to a healthy and happier horse, flock, and garden. Find a store near you to get your all-natural horse forage feed, chicken coop bedding, and mulch and ground cover today.

Lucerne Farms