Fiber Supplement

Adding 4 – 6 lbs. of Lucerne Farms forage to your feeding program can help ensure your horse is getting the proper amount of fiber in a form that is more beneficial to their physical and mental health.

Here are the Benefits…

Adequate Forage

Horses require 1.5 – 2% of their body weight in forage a day. Feeding Lucerne Farms forage as a fiber supplement into your regular feeding program, either during mealtime or as small meals throughout the day, helps ensure your horse is getting the adequate amount of forage daily.

What This Means for Your Horse

  • Less chance of digestive problems
  • Fewer dental issues

Grazing Simulation

Horses in the wild will spend up to 18 hours a day grazing. Due to changes in how horses are kept, not all horses have access to sufficient pasture and grazing time, and many are spending a large portion of their time in stalls. Feeding Lucerne Farms as small meals during the day can help simulate grazing and ease the stress of not being able to graze.

What This Means for Your Horse

  • Less chance of developing behavioral issues that stem from boredom and stress
  • A healthier mental state