Chopped Forage for Horses

Naturally Good Nutrition for Every Horse

Whether you use our chopped forage for horses as a hay replacement, fiber supplement, or grain complement, Lucerne Farms equine products provide all-natural, superior nutrition for every horse.

We know because our forage is grown and produced using production methods that reduce mold spores, maximize nutrients, and eliminate the need for chemicals. Our blends provide the highest-quality source of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals in every consistently measured, easy-to-feed, easy-to-store bag of chopped forage for horses.

From our traditional forage blends to our molasses-free options, we offer blends of bagged hay for horses suitable for the pleasure horse, growing horse, brood mare, hard worker, and horses that are health challenged.

Regardless of age, nutritional needs, or day job, we have the right blend of bagged hay for your horse. Choose a maintenance blend, high-energy blend, or a wellness-focused blend that provides nutrition for laminitis, obesity, insulin resistance, COPD, and other health issues. Every bag of chopped forage for horses provides the natural, superior nutrition for every muscle, bone, coat, and hoof.

Much like yourself, horses depend on nutrients to grow and remain healthy. Our forage blends for horses are made with the finest ingredients to ensure your horse receives the nutrients it needs. We grow our forage hay on our family-owned and -run farm. This allows us to control the quality of our products to meet our standards. As a family of farmers, we know how to treat horses properly. Our forage is grown with a healthy horse in mind, regardless of its age. 

Because of our rich history as a family farm, we wouldn’t sell anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves. Our horses love our forage and yours will too. If you have any questions about these products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  

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