Hi Fiber Gold

High-Fiber, Low-Sugar Horse Feed

Our Hi Fiber Gold blend has the same great high-fiber, short-chop, measured blend of timothy, oat, and alfalfa hay as our original Hi Fiber, but is blended with soybean oil as an alternative to molasses, making it the perfect low-sugar hay for horses. Chopped to a natural fiber length and naturally low in sugar, this blend is perfect for those horses needing to fulfill their forage requirements and still maintain a healthy metabolic state. 


Dehydrated Chopped Timothy Hay

Dehydrated Chopped Oat Hay

Dehydrated Chopped Alfalfa Hay

Soybean Oil

Guaranteed Analysis:

Protein 9.0%

Fat 5%

Fiber 30.0%

Calcium 0.4% min.

Calcium 0.7% max.

Phosphorus 0.2%

An Excellent Choice For:


Insulin Resistance


Pleasure horses



Dental Problems

35 lbs Bag

A Blend For Every Horse

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Feeding our Forage Blends

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