Totally Timothy – All-Natural Timothy Hay Blend

Our high-temperature dried and dust-extracted chopped timothy hay is an ideal choice for the easy keeper in your barn. With superior digestibility and consistent quality in every easy-to-feed bag, this all-natural timothy hay and cane molasses blend is soft enough for the senior horse struggling with traditional hay. Timothy hay for horses promotes a shiny coat and healthy weight. Pick up a bag of chopped timothy hay horse feed blend today!

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An Excellent Choice For:

  • Pleasure horses
  • COPD/Heaves
  • Dental Problems


  • Dehydrated chopped timothy hay
  • Cane molasses
  • Propionic acid (preservative)

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Protein 7.0%
  • Fat 1.0%
  • Fiber 30.0%
  • Calcium 0.3% min.
  • Calcium 0.5% max.
  • Phosphorus 0.1%

35 lb. Bag

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