Hay Replacement

When traditional hay is not an option, Lucerne Farms forage offers a natural alternative. Feeding Lucerne Farms at 1.5 – 2% of your horse’s body weight can ensure he is meeting his daily forage requirements.

Here are the Benefits…

Cleaner, Healthier Airways

Horses suffering from respiratory problems (heaves or COPD) and allergies can have challenges when presented with field-dried hay. Because of the high temperature drying process we use at Lucerne Farms, harmful mold spores and dust that can lead to respiratory allergies (heaves or COPD) are eliminated and extracted. Feeding your horse any one of our forage blends will help prevent an allergic cough and help keep his airways clear.

What This Means for Your Horse

  • Increased physical performance
  • Clean airways
  • Fewer vet trips
  • A happier, healthier horse

Easier Chewing for Better Digestion

As horses age, chewing traditional hay can become increasingly difficult due to tooth wear and loss. This can lead to a host of problems due to not getting the proper amount of physically effective fiber needed to maintain a healthy digestive tract. Because of the soft texture and chopped nature of our forage, older horses can get the forage their bodies need.

What This Means for Your Horse

  • Increased weight
  • Healthier body conditions
  • A happier, longer life

Easy, Clean Travel

When it’s time to take horses on the road, many people like to have access to a consistent hay supply but aren’t always able to travel with enough forage or don’t want to deal with the bulk and mess associated with traditional bales. Lucerne Farms products make travel easy and neat and provide a consistent hay source you can pick up along the way. It’s also great at shows!

What This Means for Your Horse

  • Consistent hay supply
  • Neater travel conditions
  • More manageable bales