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October Isn’t Just for Pumpkins This Year

Lucerne Farms

There are many things we get excited about in October: the change of color, falling leaves, mini candy bars and pumpkins. This year we have something new to add to our list, The Best Horse Practices Summit (BHPS) at Pineland Farms in New Gloucester. We sponsored the inaugural Summit, held in Colorado in 2017, and return as Sessions Sponsors this year.

“It’s the conference your horse wants you to attend,” says Maddy Butcher the founder of Best Horse Practices Summit. When talking with Maddy, it’s clear she has a passion for the horse which spurred the development of this two-day conference. Forget the marketing that pushes us to buy “this” or need “that”. This event brings together key players in the equine industry to teach best practices “grounded in research and vetted by science”, Maddy explains in the video promoting the event.

Stephen Budiansky, author of The Nature of Horses: Their Evolution, Intelligence and Behavior, will deliver this year’s keynote address, giving insight on how participants can incorporate what they will learn into their own routine and vernacular. Each day will have academic presentations in the morning followed by arena presentations after lunch. See who’s presenting and view the full schedule here.

Why are we at Lucerne Farms so excited about this event? Simply put, BHPS believes in empowering people to respect the evolution of the horse. We share this belief. We bag forage because horses evolved eating forage. We promote a long-stemmed fiber diet because particle size matters. While the science during this year’s Summit might not focus on feeding practices (although Dr. Sheryl King gave a great presentation on nutrition last year which highlighted the need for forage-based diets), we are excited to promote an event that puts the health of the horse before the industry of the horse.

We hope to see you there!

Dates: October 19-20
Location: Pineland Farms/New Gloucester, Maine
For more information about the event – visit



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