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Fall Guide to Fairs & Shows

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For Chicken Farmers (& Lovers)

It’s the perfect place to experience the world of exotic chicken breeds, easy keepers, and large and small fowl in one festive place this fall — your local county or agricultural fair. If chickens have your heart or you have an aspiring show bird, it’s time to get a ticket to peep some of the proud and stylish breeds that have come for miles to shake a tail feather. Admit One!

Poultry Show Central will let you search by date and region so you can find a show near you.

Depending on what organization is sponsoring the show, the poultry could include large fowl, bantam chickens, ducks, geese, guinea fowl and turkeys. Some shows may include pigeons.

A Sebright chicken.Wide Open Pets gives you the run down of the top breeds you’re likely to see at a poultry show, from the stunning Polish chicken to the beautifully patterned Sebright.

Entering a Show?

Go to Show and Tell and get tips for stopping the show with your Rhode Island Red.

Fair Newbie? Here’s What You’ll Find

At the fair, you’ll find your community. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with chicken farmers who are more than will to provide tricks and tips for farming and you’ll soak up an education with workshops in the basics of raising and showing, or information for experienced chicken farmers seeking to expand their knowledge. Be sure to take the family. Kids love the unique plumage and fun antics of the chickens and roosters. Many are for sale – you might end up taking one home.

For those dipping a hock into the world of poultry showing, consider these tips:

  • Volunteer. Doing some of the grunt work will get you deep inside the poultry show world and help you learn more than you ever could as an observer. Contact your local poultry association to claim a spot during the fair.
  • Attend. If you aren’t volunteering, attend as many shows as possible and network. Hanging out with the poultry experts will help you when you show your own.
  • Dress for the weather. If it’s your first show, days will be long and weather will be changeable. Being prepared for the mud and rain will make your stay more pleasant so you can focus on your fowl.
  • Disinfect. Disease is always a concern where poultry is plentiful. Before you enter your home flock, make sure you clean and disinfect all boots so you are don’t spread disease to your own chickens.

Live in or Visiting Maine? It’s Fair Season

Maine fairs provide the perfect place to take in fall activities and take part in poultry shows, competitions, and exhibits. Here are a few upcoming fairs that will have plenty of barns, pens, and coops for viewing.

Farmington Fair, Farmington, Maine – September 15th-21st
This Maine town comes alive this fall with poultry shows and judging, a popular demolition derby, horse pulls, and oxen, steer, and sheep shows. Other events include a kids’ pie eating contest, the Ugly Veggie Show, good music, contests, drawings, and pageants.

Common Ground Country Fair, Unity Maine – September 20, 21, & 22
This beloved annual event put on by the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association has something for everyone including sheep dog demos, donkey and mule shows, and plenty of food and music. Enjoy a wealth of demos and workshops related to sustainability, traditional arts, and gardening among many other areas of interest, including an always-stunning array of chickens and roosters.

Cumberland Fair, Cumberland, Maine – September 22-28
This fall fair features plenty of bluegrass, a pig scramble, an apple pie contest, a butter making demo, a scarecrow contest and barrel racing — everything you want in a Maine fair, with a complement of livestock, exotic animals and poultry.

Fryeburg Fair, Fryeburg, Maine – September 29-October 6
Fryeburg is known for its cattle, draft horse, goats, llamas, rabbits, steer, and swine – and poultry, of course. Come for the Calf Scramble and the Sheep Dog Trials, stay for the carnival rides and the Whoopie Pie Contest.

Find more Maine Fairs.

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