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Lucerne Farms is Welcoming 2019 With Our Top Posts of Last Year

Lucerne Farms

Lucerne Farms is Welcoming 2019 With Our Top Posts of Last Year

The best stories are evergreen, and some of the stories that made an appearance on the Lucerne Farm Blog in 2018 are certainly worth revisiting. These Top 5 Posts represent those YOU liked best in 2018, and they cover topics such as the role of local feed stores, an inspiring Para-equestrian, and the challenges of being a St. Croix veterinarian.

We can’t wait to see what 2019 brings!

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Our Most-Read Posts of 2018

1. Local Farm Stores Are More Than a Place to Buy Feed

A customer tip led us to talk to Henniker Farm & Country Store to learn about how they serve as a resource in their community by working with customers to solve owner’s horse health needs and help them make feed decisions.

2. Know Your Hay: 101 of Two Popular Horse Feed Blends

Sometimes the best posts are the most practical. Our readers got a refresher on popular hay blend ingredients Timothy and Alfalfa, including their equine health benefits, costs, and palatability.


3. A St. Croix Veterinarian’s Connection with Maine’s Lucerne Farms

This story was one of our favorites. We talked to Director of Veterinary Services at the Virgin Islands Department of Agriculture Dr. Bethany Bradford about how bagged horse forage helped fill a need for St. Croix horses after two brutal hurricanes.

4. 15-year-old Maine Para-equestrian Has His Eye on Tokyo

Heartwarming and inspiring, this story of Para-equestrian David Botana caught your eye and has our heart. Read about this athlete’s journey to the 2020 Para Olympic games in Tokyo and the outpouring of support that is helping him get there.

5. What is Ileus? A Closer Look at Equine Gastrointestinal Motility

Our fifth most read post was a follow up to a story about Sky, a horse diagnosed with a digestive disorder that brought his owner to find support from their local farm store. A good story, and a good horse that brought plenty of joy to his family.

See You in 2019!


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