About Lucerne Farms

Lucerne Farms Maine

A trip to Lucerne Farms takes visitors to the furthest reaches of the country in beautiful, rugged Aroostook County, Maine. A family farm since 1992, Lucerne Farms was founded by Dr. George A. James as a result of his passion for creating the highest quality chopped, bagged forage on the market. Today, his passion is carried on by his son, Richard James, who takes pride in running every aspect of the farming and production, from the planting of the seed to the bagging of the forage.

While Lucerne Farms was built on a foundation of equine forage feed, the pristine hay fields of Lucerne Farms have also become a source for a specially-blended premium mulch and ground cover and superior eco-friendly chicken bedding, further advancing the elder James’ original goal of producing the highest quality products on the market.

Hay for Lucerne Farms products is delivered from the fields of Easton, Maine to a plant in neighboring Fort Fairfield, owned and operated by Richard’s mother, Susie James, for processing. From there, the forage undergoes the unique high-temperature drying process that maximizes nutrients and processing that eliminates mold spores without the use of chemicals, and undergoes laboratory analysis, so customers know exactly what it contains and the ratios of proteins, fat, and fiber. Whether forage, mulch, or bedding, the product is delivered in clean, convenient bags that are consistently harvested, controlled for quality, and 100% natural.

A Maine Tradition

Mainers are known for their straightforward honesty, and they famously hold wholesome, natural products in high regard. These values make their way into the goods and services they put their name on. For producers like Lucerne Farms in Maine’s Aroostook County, growing conditions can be harsh and unpredictable. Farmers who adapt and evolve are those who are successful year after year. While our products and methods improve and grow, we are stalwart in our commitment to the Maine tradition of family farming, respect for the environment, and deep connection to the community. We hold our customers in high esteem, ensuring that these values are contained in the piece of Maine land that is passed to them every time they purchase our product.

A Way of Thinking

At Lucerne Farms, we believe you get from the earth what you put in. We are personally responsible for every aspect of their farming and production, from seed to final product. We treat every bag we make like it’s the only one we are selling that day. Our customers can trust that every bag that has the Lucerne Farms name is contributing to a healthier and happier horse, flock, and garden.